Xing Fu Tang Review: Entre 2 Jam Does Not Contain Bob’s Milk With Brown Sugar, Is It Worth It?

Brown Sugar Boba Milk Jing Fu Tang Review – If you follow food trends, you know that brown sugar bean is currently a hit. This drink from Taiwan caught people’s attention. From young to old, they are intoxicated with a taste that, “he says,” is able to move the tongue.

Especially now that there are so many boba drink outlets in the capital that mushrooms have begun to form. If you count, there are at least 10 popular boba drink outlets that netizens are actively talking about. The one that got the most attention was Jing Fu Tang.

The opening of its first branch in Indonesia last June, apparently the No. 1 selling Boba brown sugar milk in Taiwan, immediately stunned the public. In fact, Jing Fu Tang is always full of visitors every day. To the point where visitors have to queue for 2 to 3 hours to enjoy Boba Doodh’s famous brown sugar.

Jing Fu Tang’s presence shaking the virtual world immediately made me curious. What’s wrong, almost all social networks are filled with people’s posts about Jing Fu Tang.

To see the delicious taste of brown sugar bean milk, I immediately went to the nearest Jing Fu Tang store. Here is the full Xing Fu Tang Indonesia Review.

Review of Brown Sugar Bean Milk Jing Fu Tang

1. Long line of visitors

Luckily, I don’t have to go to Lippo Mall Puri just to enjoy Jing Fu Tang Brown Sugar Bean Milk as this beverage store opened its second branch at Lippo Mall Kemang from July 16th. Not much different from the first section, long queues were also seen in the second section.

We arrived at 10 am, where many shops had not yet opened, a long queue was visible from below. Even though the Jing Fu Tang staff were still busy with preparations, it looks like the line of visitors was already too long. By then, there was a line of about a dozen people, and I ran to get in line.

After a few minutes, more and more visitors began to arrive. Queues began to form, which became the focus of other visitors to the mall. 30 minutes passed, but I still had to patiently wait in line to become the leader. It took about 1 hour to finally get in front of the cash register.

Jing Fu Tang exceeded all expectations. 1 Boba Brown Sugar Milk Outlet in Taiwan, this store was able to attract the attention of the general public. As I approached the checkout, I was immediately greeted with a friendly smile from the cashier. There is another employee next to the cashier who prepares brown sugar boba, which creates a very attractive brown sugar flavor.

I ordered several excellent Jing Fu Tang menus on the recommendation of the cashier. The drinks I ordered included Boba milk with brown sugar (Rs 35,545), Boba milk with brown sugar and herbal jelly (Rs 31,818), Boba milk with strawberries (Rs 27,272), Boba milk tea with brown sugar in as a signature menu (22,727 rupees). included. ), handmade soda and jelly (22,727 rupees).

2. Appearance is very attractive

It must be admitted that the appearance of Xing Fu Tang’s brown sugar boba milk is so tempting. Anyone who sees it will want to taste it. The brown sugar wrap that sticks to the side of the cup and the pile of boba piled up at the bottom seem to provoke people’s curiosity. Not to mention the caramelization of the brown sugar topping on top which makes the tongue not stop tasting.

The presentation of Xing Fu Tang’s brown sugar boba milk is not much different from the presentation of other brown sugar boba drinks, only the plastic cup used is quite unique, wider and shaped like the letter U.

3. A legit creamy taste with a sweet taste that is not too much

The mainstay menu is Brown Sugar Boba Milk which consists of boba brown sugar, fresh milk, cream, and brown sugar powder which is caramelized as a topping. To enjoy it, I have to stir it 18 times first to produce a more delicious combination of flavors.

It tastes very fresh, as it is prepared right at the point of sale and cooked with brown sugar in front of the customers. Brown sugar also doesn’t have a sweet taste, especially with cream and fresh milk. The bean is also smaller than a regular bean, making it easier to suck and chew.

Yes, separated only by a glass wall, the whole process of making bean drinks in Jing Fu Tang can be seen by all visitors. Start by making the bean, a bean cooked with brown sugar in a large skillet for an impressive caramelization of the brown sugar.

Well, milk tea lovers should try Boba milk tea with brown sugar. The taste of Jing Fu Tang milk tea is very strong with a touch of fresh tea aroma. Milk tea is dark brown in color. The combination of tea and milk with Boba brown sugar proved to be very suitable.

In addition, there are brown sugar beans and herb milk jellies, which are made from a mixture of fresh milk, herbal jelly, and brown sugar bean. The taste of brown sugar is not as pronounced because it is covered with the dominant aroma of herbal jelly. The texture of herbal jelly is reminiscent of fresh milk.

If you like strawberry milk, you can try Strawberry Boba Milk. This drink is quite unique as it is made from a mixture of strawberry syrup and fresh milk, so the taste of strawberry milk is very distinctive.

Although served with a bean, the boba is not brown sugar, but pink boba, which is made with a mixture of tapioca flour and angaka to give it a lovely pink hue. The texture is evenly chewy with a sweet aftertaste that is not too noticeable.

For those of you who love sodas, be sure to try handmade sodas and jellies. As the name suggests, this blue drink is served with handmade pink jelly. Interestingly, this drink looks shiny thanks to the use of edible glitter, which is also included in its composition. Sounds very fresh, makeup competent!

At the moment, Jing Fu Tang outlets are only available in two locations, namely Lippo Mall Puri and Lippo Mall Kemang. However, Taiwan’s No. 1 Boba Brown Sugar outlet will open its third branch in Pluot Village in the near future. If you don’t want to stand in line, Jing Fu Tang Outlet has already registered with the online food delivery service.

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This was a complete review of Jing Fu Tang. So, are you interested in trying Jing Fu Tang’s phenomenal Brown Sugar Boba Milk?

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