Top 5 Travel Services For Traveling To The Thousand Islands

It is necessary to choose the best travel service, including when you want to visit the Thousand Islands. By choosing the best travel service, you can travel to the Thousand Islands with comfortable and safe accommodation.

If you are looking for the best travel service for the Thousand Islands, then you are reading the right article. That’s because here are five recommended travel services that you can choose from, especially when you visit the Thousand Islands later. The five tourism services are as follows.

1. Traveloca, full service with various tour package options

This is definitely a tourist service familiar to your ears. Traveloca has several services in the form of tour packages to the Thousand Islands. One of them is a package of air tickets and hotels in Pulau Seribu.

If you take the above package, you can get to Pulau Seribu easily and inexpensively. You can also combine this package with other tour packages. The trick is to go to a page or app from Traveloca itself.

2. Travel Indonesia, determine your budget and free time

This travel agency is highly experienced, especially in serving visitors wishing to visit the Thousand Islands. According to a post from the official website, this travel service offers various Thousand Island tour packages to suit your budget, the amount of time you have, and which tourist spots you want to visit while you’re there.

This travel agency also partnered with the Thousand Islands accommodation manager. This collaboration allows this travel agency to offer a variety of services near the beaches of the Thousand Islands. So you can relax while watching the beach on the islands.

3. Charm of Nusa Vista, many promotions!

This is a travel service that has a lot of experience in Indonesia. This service is also a service that specifically deals with trips to the Thousand Islands. According to the official website, this service has existed since 2000. There are many tour packages to the Thousand Islands. In fact, the service even offers Thousand Island promo products that you might be able to pick up.

4. Pulau Seribu Traveling, an exclusive travel service for Pulau Seribu.

Like the Pesona Nusa Visata service, this travel service is a travel service that provides travel services specifically for the Thousand Islands. Here are a variety of tour packages for each of the Thousand Islands.

The price itself is relatively affordable and can be adjusted to suit your needs. For example, if you want to visit the Thousand Islands with your family, you can choose a VIP package that is guaranteed to be affordable for you and your family.

Another advantage of this service is the availability of guides. The guides themselves are natives of the Thousand Islands, so they can guide you during your stay on the islands. The guides will also provide you with comprehensive knowledge and information about the islands north of Jakarta.

5. Paradiso Tour, Exclusive Access to Thousand Island H Island

Like previous travel services, this travel service also offers travel packages for each of the Thousand Islands. One of them is a tour package to Pulau X. Moreover, anyone can visit this island. However, if you take a package, you can visit this island with good service and safety.

These are the five travel services you can choose from, especially if you want to visit the Thousand Islands later. How are you, would you like to wear this?

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