These 7 Things You Must Do In The 3 Gili Islands Of Lomboko

For those of you who love beaches, it is clear that enjoying the Gilis in Lombok is not enough for one day. On this small and beautiful island, in addition to Lombok, diving and swimming are available. However, Gili is not only about the sea and beaches, you must do these 7 things to do on the 3 Gili Islands in Lombok.

1. From simple swimming to water sports

We are talking about Gili, which is surrounded on all sides by beaches and clear sea water. The simplest thing you should do is swim in the clear sea of ​​Gili. While swimming, look out for the boundaries of the beach area that are allowed for swimming, usually marked with ropes and small balloons floating in the sea water to indicate that the ocean boundaries are getting deeper and more dangerous. Do not go beyond this limit!

Tired of just swimming? You can try various water sports. Along the coast of Gili Trawangan, there are many travel agencies and hotels that offer water sports packages ranging from banana boats, kayaks, jet skis, fishing, water skiing, surfboards, surfboards and more. Just choose the one you like and of course adjust it according to your budget.

2. Snorkeling on Hopping Island

It’s a shame if you only swim in one ravine. When you get to Gilis, the most efficient and interesting way is to travel around the islands of the three Gilis, namely Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air.

Why Island Travel? The location of the three ravines are close to each other, and they can only be reached once a day. In addition, you can go snorkeling with turtles on Gili Meno. But remember, don’t touch the turtles.

There are two ways to snorkel: first join an island tour that connects us with other members on the same boat and takes us to the snorkeling spot. Or by renting a private boat to navigate all three lanes. However, it is relatively more expensive.

3. Enjoy the Gili sea by diving

If you already have a diving licence, you can immediately book to join the dive center which is widely scattered around Gili Trawangan. if not? Don’t be afraid, you can purchase the Fun Dive package.

For this fun diving package, we are usually trained for about two hours, both theoretical and practical, trying to use direct diving equipment and learning to dive in a practice pool. Only after that you will be taken to the dive site, from where an unforgettable underwater panorama opens.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to negotiate the diving fee, as the cost of diving for local tourists will usually be cheaper than for foreign tourists. If you know how to bargain, you can save several million.

4. Cycling or sidomo along Gillis.

Interestingly, Gili Gili on Lombok prohibits the use of motorcycles. So the only vehicles passing through Gilis are bicycles and sidomo or horse-drawn carts, typical of Gilis.

It will take about 1 hour to go around Gilis with a width of about 7.5 km from Sidomo, costing 150 thousand rupees. However, to be happier, rent a bike, which costs about 75,000 rupees per day.

The best time to visit is in the morning before sunrise or in the afternoon before sunset, as the sun is not very hot at this time, so it is very pleasant to do these activities by going around the path along the dam. Visit this place to watch the sunset and sunrise.

5. Ride on the beach

On Gilis, you can not only play in the water or sunbathe, but also go horseback riding. There are currently several stables on Gili Trawangan that rent horses for you. With an average rental price of IDR 250 thousand per hour, you can choose one of the exclusive Lombok Sandalwood horses. However, you have to be careful as you will be riding Lombok style i.e. without a saddle.

6. Cooking before the nightlife

When the sun goes down, Gili Trawangan gets even more crowded. It’s time to try the seafood. There is a market that sells a variety of fresh seafood that you can choose from and then immediately cook, grill or fry to your liking. Remember that you must bet on everything you are going to buy. The offer price starts from 100 thousand rupees.

Once you’ve had your fill of culinary delights, enjoy the nightlife on Gilis. There are several bars near the beach that only open in the afternoon. Choose according to what you like. If you want to have a little chat with your partner, you can also go to the open air cinema on Gili Trawangan.

The nightlife on Gili lasts until about 3-4 hours, and remember that you have activities for the next day as well.

7. Hunting photography

To do this, you will not be short of objects to capture. You can capture all the places beautifully, be it on the island, on the beach, in the sea or underwater, all of which can be captured with the cameras we have available.

Just make sure your photography gear is ready.

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