Review: Akari Resort Ubud, Bali, Accommodation With Private Infinity Pool

The Island of the Gods has always been a place of rest for local and foreign residents. Good for honeymoon, vacation or business trip. Perhaps you have plans to build a promising business in Bali, especially in the tourism sector. The most memorable Balinese atmosphere, in my opinion, is the Ubud region. I decided to stay at Aksari resort, there are many reasons to choose this resort.

Why Ubud? For me, if I go to Bali, Ubud seems to be the call of the soul. I have not been there once or twice, Ubud has always been an unforgettable experience for me. Although far from the coast, Ubud is teeming with culture, arts and tourism. You can feel the culture of the local people, for example, visit the temple and pray there. You can then taste various Balinese dishes or learn how to cook them. Buy lots of art or explore the many hidden waterfalls while enjoying the beautiful green rice fields. Aksari Resort Ubud is my choice for enjoying the serenity of Ubud.

Experience Aksairi Resort Ubud During the Pandemic

If we talk about recreation during a pandemic, then it can be profitable and unprofitable. Luckily, we can find hotel promotions that have dropped prices drastically, secondly, the tourist attractions are quieter than usual and Bali isn’t that crowded! However, we must always strictly follow health protocols to avoid the COVID-19 virus. Fortunately, we have to pay more for rapid antigen, PCR or genosis testing at an affordable price. To be honest, I didn’t choose GenNose, even though it’s so cheap and can hit my budget a lot, I’m still skeptical about using it. The downside is that the people of Bali, who depend on the tourism sector, have no power. When I got there, my sympathy flared up.

Well, because of the pandemic, prices at Aksari Resort have also dropped dramatically. When I spoke with one of the employees, only 50% came to work, the remaining 50% were fired. Really sad. Forest View Suite with Public Infinity Pool and Twin Suite with Forest View and Public Infinity Pool are often around IDR 1.5 million with a typical price of IDR 700 thousand. One Bedroom Villa with Private Infinity Pool 1.8 million per night, with a typical price of 3 million, Royal One Bedroom Villa with Private Infinity Pool and Royal Two Bedroom Villa with Private Infinity Pool around 3.1 million, and Romantic Wonder around 2.2 million Breakfast and romantic dinner, with beautiful floral decor.

Even though I was on my honeymoon, I opted for the forest view suite without breakfast. I chose this room because the first thing I wanted to do was try the Balinese food around the hotel. Secondly, there is not much time at the resort. I arrived around 5:00 pm, then planned to explore the Ubud area to Ungasan in the morning. A private pool doesn’t make much sense to me as I prefer a bigger pool for swimming. So for me the public pool is already pretty good. Another thing, if the cause is a pandemic, perhaps you can opt for a private pool for a relaxing dip.

Suite with forest view, bathtub and tranquility

At check in, the room and lobby are quite far away. However, don’t worry, you will be escorted in a golf cart and the hotel staff will be well informed about the amenities available in the room. For me Akari Resort Hospitality is a winner. However, I accidentally broke the glass, so the employee apologized. Perhaps the glass broke because the room was too cold, and when I poured hot water, the glass immediately broke.

Complete relaxation away from the silence and noise of the streets is the key. I really don’t like noise. In addition, Ubud is already known for its peaceful atmosphere. Not only do I get that at Aakari, but the romantic atmosphere at Forest View Suites is enough for me.

The room has a balcony overlooking the green forest. This 75 square meter room is spacious enough for two people. It has a living room, Smart TV with Netflix and a bathtub with my favorite view!

infinity pool, swimming pool with a beautiful view

It is incomplete if not to swim in Ubud with beautiful views. This is the main reason why I chose Aksari Resort. As you know Ubud hotels have so many infinity pools because of the view. And Aksari Resort is the most comfortable, best and cheapest hotel. I tried swimming in the infinity pool. Since swimming is my hobby, I feel the clean water and the atmosphere of the pool, which is kept clean.

I didn’t bring my goggles with me and they usually burned if I opened my eyes. However, the pool at Aksari Resort didn’t hurt my eyes. I don’t know, all I can say is that the pool is magical! To be honest, I swam twice because I really liked the atmosphere and fresh water.

Amenities at Pura Aksarari Resort

In addition to comfort, amenities are also a deciding factor when choosing this resort. Aksari Resort has two restaurants and two bars:

Restaurant Kojin Teppanyaki

Opened mid-August 2019, Kojin Teppanyaki is a Japanese restaurant for the best dining experience in Ubud. The décor offers a bistro-chic atmosphere and dining in an open kitchen where guests and chefs can mingle with each other. With wooden structures and earthy tones, Kojin is the perfect place to experience Japanese food culture in tranquil Ubud. However, since my main goal was to try Balinese cuisine, I didn’t choose kojin for dinner or lunch.

Anhusa Restaurant

Ankhusa is a restaurant inspired by Balinese wisdom and nature, where guests can enjoy international and Indonesian cuisine. Ankhusa originated from the weapon of Ganesha, which for many years has been a symbol of prosperity and fertility for the locals. The myth then inspired Aksari Resort to name the restaurant.

This restaurant offers a romantic atmosphere with Balinese architecture and is fully decorated with bamboo and wood. Authentic Balinese cuisine is the highlight of this restaurant and fits my agenda. I tried Balinese rice and Geprek chicken. I forgot to hold it because my brain just ate it! You can check the rating of this restaurant on Google as many people have shared reviews and photos. For me the food is tasty enough and I really can’t praise it enough. If you want to try Balinese food, the food stall is the best.

Apart from two restaurants, there are also two bars namely Ganpati Bar and Lounge and Pravana River Club. If you’re interested in the area around the hotel, there are bikes that you can use for free! Yes, for free. Unlike other hotels, there is a fee of 20 thousand per hour. If you wish to stay at the hotel, you can join the yoga classes that are always held every Friday-Sunday. There is also a soft drink class that can fill your time at the Akari Resort.

For me, the amenities in the room are quite luxurious. There’s an Amazon Alexa speaker that you can order without fiddling with it. I can turn on the alarm just by calling. It’s like an assistant. You can check all the amenities in the room below:

private bath

private restroom


rain shower


air conditioner




coffee maker and kettle

mini bar


free wifi

hair dryer

DVD player


Smart TV

Living space

Amazon Alexa

bluetooth onyx studio 4



Free toiletries

water in glass bottles

Things to do near Akari Resort

You don’t have to travel far to see the sights, especially for those who love Balinese culture. You can visit Tirtha Empul Temple which is only 3.5 km, then Gunung Kawi Temple about 4 km, Tegalalung Rice Field 3.4 km or Alas Harum Bali which is 4.9 km, for those of you who wants to take pictures or enjoy luwak coffee, for example. try. ,

Aksari Resort Ubud Overview Conclusion

It is very important for me to live in a supportive environment in Ubud. Especially the amenities of the hotel are very high. Aksari Resort offers a luxury getaway and can be used by families or couples on their honeymoon. For the price, Aksari Resort is very well worth it to me with enough hospitality and amenities. Oh yes, you can even use the hotel spa for up to 50% off. In addition, guests staying overnight will receive a 20% voucher for dining at the restaurant. How are you, are you interested in staying at Akari Resort in the near future?

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