Know How To Stay At A Hotel From Booking To Check-in And Check-out

Those who have stayed in hotels, or even frequently, should be familiar with the procedures for staying at a hotel from the initial booking or booking through to the check-out process. But for those who want to stay in a hotel for the first time and have to do everything on their own, without outside help, this can be confusing and raise a lot of questions.

For those of you looking to stay at a hotel both domestically and abroad, here’s how to stay at a hotel, from the booking process to the whole check out!

1. Cara hotel booking

The first thing you need to do is to book a hotel in the city of your choice. There are several ways to book a hotel, such as calling the hotel directly and making a reservation, or booking directly through an online travel agent (OTA). If you book directly with the hotel, payment can be made when you are already at the hotel.

Meanwhile, to order through OTA, you need to go through a series of steps. Follow the instructions for booking a hotel through OTA until you receive a booking code and the amount you wish to pay. Then you can pay by transfer or credit card and other payment methods.

There is usually a period of time within which you must make the payment. If this period expires, the order is automatically cancelled. So, if you’re comfortable, make sure you pay right away, right?

The last way you can book online. Typically, larger hotels may already have their own websites. The site also usually has a direct booking service. You can check the room sizes and prices directly on the website.

Well, when you finish placing an order, you will usually be given a confirmation of the message sent by email. Do not delete your email address, save it as you will need it during the registration process.

Oh yes, when booking, you must specify the size of the room, the number of guests, include breakfast. All these decisions will affect the cost of booking a hotel. For example, you decide to rent a room without breakfast. The room rate will be more expensive than the breakfast room.

2. Kara Check In Hotel

To check in at the hotel, all you have to do is provide ID if you booked it over the phone at the hotel. If you are booking via OTA, you may present a booking confirmation, which is usually sent by OTA to your email.

If you are ordering online, you may present your order confirmation. As a rule, confirmation will be sent by e-mail. Okay, just show the email proof to the admin, they will use that proof later to run the test.

During this process, you may show or provide a photocopy of your ID. At hotels in Indonesia, you will need to present a photocopy of your ID. People living with you do not need to show identification.

If you live abroad, ID is usually not required. You will need to present your passport during check-in.

Some hotels also have a deposit policy. You have to pay a certain amount to the hotel as a guarantee. You can also use a credit card to process this deposit.

If you are doing room service, laundry, damage or loss of items, the amount of the deposit will be charged to the hotel based on how much you pay. If the deposit is less, you need to add more and vice versa. If there are no claims, then the deposited amount is returned in full. Currently, there are many hotels that do not pay a deposit.

3. How to use the hotel room key

Five star hotels (even smaller hotels) rarely use the room key as a physical key. All keys are in the form of access cards. The security system also worked from the elevator. To get into a room on a certain floor, you need to stick a card in the elevator.

Likewise with access to the room. Check on the doorknob or near the entrance to see if there is a place to stick a card. Once the card is correctly attached, the door will immediately open.

Also, there are hotels that require you to insert your hotel key into the card slot on the doorknob. Just check if there is a card slot. If there is, insert a key the size of a card into the slot. If it is not there, insert the card into the same lock as in the image above.

Usually, access cards are also used to turn on the electricity in the room. Look outside the door for a place to put your card. If there is, insert the card immediately and the light and air conditioner will turn on.

4. How to use the toilet and bathroom

Well, for bathrooms and toilets in hotels, it may differ from hotel to hotel. But most hotels don’t provide bathtubs and dippers in their bathrooms. So basically you have to use the shower to take a bath or if you can take a bath.

Soap and shampoo are provided. Can be placed in a container attached to the wall or as a bottle. Usually in the shower and toilet area there is a barrier in the form of a curtain or glass.

5. How to use the minibar in a hotel room

The price you pay for the evening usually includes two bottles of mineral water, as well as coffee and tea that you can make yourself. If there are snacks or other drinks in the fridge, they are usually not included in the room rate. You can enjoy it and have to pay at the time of check out.

6. Kara moves out

Check-out time at the hotel is from 12:00 to 13:00 and next guest’s check-in time is from 13:00 to 14:00. In the event of a late check-out, you may be charged an additional fee. You can ask about this at the hotel.

If you would like to extend your stay, please contact the property manager directly. If there are still spaces available in the rooms, you are usually allowed to add more days. Of course, with mutually agreed additional funds.

If there are no available rooms, you are usually not allowed to add extra days. Therefore, you still have to check out at the specified time.

To check out, just go to the hotel reception and return the room key. If there is an order for room service, laundry and mini bar, you will pay for it at that time. Also check the deposit amount you gave yes. If nothing happens, you can return your deposit.

How, it’s so simple, well, the process of booking a hotel room, check-in, check-out? Come on, go on vacation to the right place and stay at a hotel with a good reputation. (NSD)

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