7 Travel Business Ideas For Travel Lovers

Do you like to travel? Have you ever thought about starting a travel business? You may think that the tourism business is a line of business that only deals with the rental of vehicles or the provision of transport. What’s more, the travel businesses you can try are very diverse, including hotel and airline ticket businesses, vehicle suppliers, tour packages, tour guides, and more.

If you enjoy the world of travel, you might consider starting a travel business. This is because this business is a promising business opportunity. The peculiarity is that this business is also very simple.

If you are still in doubt or don’t know how to start a travel business, let’s take a look at the travel business ideas you can try below!

A selection of travel business ideas you can try

There are many business opportunities in the tourism sector. Well, here are some alternative travel business ideas that you can try.

1. Hotel ticket and transport provider

The first travel business that you can try is a supplier of hotel tickets and transportation such as train, plane and bus tickets. Nowadays, there are many travel agencies that sell accommodation tickets. However, if you open this travel business with competitive prices and attractive promotions, it will definitely become the main attraction of your travel business.

2. Vehicle rental service provider

Car rental is also a type of tourism business that has ample opportunities. Don’t have your own car or motorbike for rent? Relax, this business can be done even if you don’t have your own car or motorbike, really! The trick is to work with a car rental center and become a car or motorcycle rental agent.

3. Package provider

In addition, you can also open a travel business as a travel package supplier. In order to provide travel packages, you must first inquire about the travel destinations you will be offering.

Choosing a tourist attraction that is currently a hit can also be attractive to potential customers. If you can, choose a tourist attraction that is popular with the public and has adequate amenities such as restrooms, places of worship, good places to eat, and ample parking.

Also make sure the client’s stay is strategic and comfortable. For the budget, adjust the hotel class with the package type. Don’t forget, you also need to work with restaurants that have delicious and quality food so you don’t disappoint your customers.

Before offering travel packages to clients, you should first research the travel destinations you will be offering so that you can calculate the time it takes to travel from one place to another.

4. Become a guide

In addition, you can also start a tourism business by becoming a tour guide. To start this business, you need to prepare a lot of things. If your target customers are not only domestic tourists, but also foreign tourists, then having a guide with knowledge of foreign languages, such as English, is simply necessary.

In addition, the guide is also required to introduce certain tourist sites and the history of tourist attractions to their clients. Therefore, as a guide, you must have a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the tourist attractions you offer and the clients you will be visiting.

5. Become a photographer

Capturing beautiful moments while on vacation is definitely something to do while traveling. In addition to working as a guide, you can also apply your photography skills at work, such as becoming a photographer for vacationing clients. Also, the idea of ​​tourism business being a photographer in Indonesia is quite promising, you know. Many Indonesian photographers have already achieved success. You can be next, right?

6. Be a translator

As mentioned earlier, if your target customers are not only domestic tourists but also foreign tourists, it is absolutely necessary for guides to speak international languages, such as English.

When you take clients on a trip, you can become an Indonesian to English interpreter or vice versa. Foreign tourists visiting Indonesia usually do not speak Indonesian well. So, this can also be an opportunity to generate income from your travel business idea.

7. Become a travel blogger

Finally, you can also become a travel blogger. This travel business idea is also getting popular lately. Many of them promote their work through various social networks such as Instagram and YouTube. Income is no joke either, some get dozens or even crores from this activity alone.

In addition to running a business as a guide for other people, you can also make money in the travel industry by becoming a travel blogger.

As a travel blogger, you can get free accommodation at many hotels that allow you to write reviews.

Well, these are seven travel business ideas you can try. Are you ready to start a travel business? There is nothing wrong with trying it, because who knows, maybe it will become your main income later on.

After reading the above recommendations for tourism business ideas, are you interested in starting a business? For a travel business to run smoothly and successfully, you need to plan and prepare carefully, yes. Might be right!

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