7 Beaches In Blitar, East Java That Rival Those Of Bali

The beach has become one of the favorite tours for everyone. Whether you’re heading out alone, with your partner, friends or family, this is sure to be a fun getaway. No need to travel to Bali, you can also find many beaches in Blitar, East Java. Java Island also offers many beautiful beaches and no less than other small islands in Indonesia.

List of beaches in Blitar, East Java

What image comes to mind when you hear the word “bluer”? story? Or where you were born? Located in the southern part of East Java, this city is not as popular as Malang or Banyuwangi. In fact, there are a lot of interesting tours, especially good beaches in Blitar, you know. Here is the list!

1. Pangi Beach

Pangi Beach can be the first choice for those who love a calm atmosphere. To get there, you need to cross the river, passing through valleys and mountains, like Ninja Hatori. The extra effort on the trip will suit the scenery of Pangi Beach.

This beach is best for swimming and playing in the water, as there are huge waves on Pangi Beach. The entire beach area is surrounded by lush green hills that will make you look cool.

2. Tambacarejo Beach

Need a more lively environment? A popular place in Blitar is Tambacreho beach, which offers an equally beautiful view. Tambacreho beach can be reached in about 1 hour to the south. The place is located in the Vonotirto area. Since it is very crowded, the facilities on this beach are also quite complete.

From bathrooms, places of worship to several seafood restaurants along the beach. Tambacrekho beach is quite moderate and safe, without big waves and shallow water.

3. Serang Beach

There is another beach with calm waves called Serang Beach. You can use a motorbike and drive for 45 minutes. The black sand beach, serene environment and clean environment make visitors feel at home on this beach for a long time. Interestingly, Serang Beach is divided into three parts, as it is separated from the coral hills.

Every Sura 1 of the Javanese calendar, the locals perform the Larung Saji ritual at Serang Beach. Local residents will slaughter the cattle, after which the head of the animal will be thrown into the sea. The purpose of this ritual is to ensure the protection of the inhabitants for the next year.

4. Umbul Varu Beach

The road to Umbul Varu beach is quite difficult and you will have to pass through off-road vehicles. You will also have to climb down the cliff using the stairs provided to you. The beach, located in the village of Sidomulo in Bakung, has white sand with a fairly smooth texture. The view of the clear blue sea also spoils the eyes and the mind. You can also enjoy the beauty of the waterfall near Umbul Varu Beach as the waterfall recedes.

5. Gayasan Beach

Gayasan Beach is located to the east of Pangi Beach which offers big waves, lush green hills and brown sand. Since the waves are big, it’s best to stay about 1 kilometer away from the beach.

6. Cabane Beach

For those who love adventure, you must visit Keben Beach. Because getting to the beach is quite difficult. Arriving at the beach, you will feel calm waves, clean beach and beautiful brown sand.

This beach is located in Banyurip Village, Ngadipuro Village, Wonotirto, at a distance of about 30 km from the city center. The uniqueness of Cabane Beach lies in its ring shape, untouched by two large corals.

7. Pasetran Gondomayat Beach

His name sounds very intimidating. Pasetran Gondomayat beach or what does it mean with corpses is not as scary as the name suggests. The clear blue sea water stands out against the white sand and coral reefs that surround it. Pasetran Gondomayat Beach is located to the east of Tambacreho Beach, which can be reached by walking up the hill and then crossing the river in a rented boat.

Are you ready to go and walk along the rows of beaches above?

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