5 Benefits Of A Peak Design Casual Backpack For Travel Photographers

Besides cameras and lenses, what do you usually take with you when you travel? Many are responsible for tripods, extra batteries and lenses or other accessories that meet the needs of photography. To carry all this “combat gear” you will, of course, need a camera bag capable of holding all this equipment. Featured product is Everyday Backpack by Peak Design.

This bag is loved by travel photographers, one of which is David Slotnick. Here are 5 benefits of Everyday Backpack, according to him.

Ability to securely load multiple items

As you know, there are many types of camera accessories. The Everyday Backpack from Peak Design makes it easy to carry your essentials.

For example, when traveling, David Slotnick usually takes a camera with two or three lenses, several memory cards, a battery, a charger, and lens cleaner with him.

The camera bag he had at the time was capable of holding all of his photographic equipment. However, he is not sure if the camera can be properly protected.

Well, the Everyday Backpack suited him too. The camera equipment can be stored safely in the bag. In fact, he may even carry around a manual, a drinking water bottle, or other equipment that he needs on a daily basis.

Multifunctional and can be used in everyday life.

For your information, let me tell you that Peak Design was created in 2010 by Peter Deering in San Francisco, California, USA. One of the company’s best products, the Everyday Backpack is designed for more than just protecting your camera. This bag is also designed for various functions, it can also be used as a daily bag.

a barrier that makes it easier for you to organize things

The Everyday Backpack features a reinforced compartment divider with Velcro strap. This insert will make it easier for you to organize the items you want to put in your bag.

The insert can also be adjusted, reshaped and moved without having to remove the Velcro. So let’s say you want to use the Everyday Backpack as your camera bag in the morning. Then, at night, use the bag as a gym bag. You no longer need to change bags.

Oh yes, the barrier is also made of durable, soft and pliable material. Of course, your photographic equipment will be protected.

Equipped with all the cool features

This everyday backpack also has interesting features, such as a waist belt that can provide additional support if needed. Again, this bag has a main strap which is durable, comfortable and allows you to use this bag in a more optimal way.

David Slotnick also finds this backpack useful as the features it offers allow you to comfortably carry your camera anywhere and anytime, especially when traveling all day long.

In addition, this everyday backpack also has hidden pockets that can be used to store batteries, keys, tripods, memory cards, laptops and tablets.

there are two sizes

There are two sizes of Everyday Backpack: 20L and 30L. The 20 liter size is actually a favorite of many travel photographers as it is the right size.

This bag is also very suitable for you, the trusted photographer who is looking for an efficient solution to carry all your stuff in one bag that is easy to carry everywhere.

Are you interested in buying an everyday backpack from Peak Design?

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